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  1. Do I have to send you the reinforcements or we are using the same units? Another thing, someone can send me a good AAR? I think mine is not the real one, unit movement was not updating at the end of the mission.
  2. Yeap, was a fun mission, just one suggestion, change the cv90-35 for another model, with so few units per player you waste too much time waiting to reload.
  3. Assassin, can you change Leopards 2A6 by other model? There is some bug with the lasing in the 2A6, Im not sure yet what it is because i cant reproduce it, but there is something wrong.
  4. You can kill tanks from the front and the hits seem to come from random directions, not from where you are firing. Here is the AAR test-cv-ammo_15680_062820DESKTOP-VEAL1812.aar
  5. I just tested and i cant open it, the loading bar starts moving and when arrives to 100% it close and sends you back to the starting screen.
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